About Us
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About Us


Equis Group is a boutique wealth management firm specializing in financial management for athletes and artists. Equis has achieved success in the financial market place because we are ultra client focused. We specialize on all that touches our clients financial life.

Wealth Management

We don’t use proprietary products. We offer the best in class investment solutions.

Financial Planning

We help our clients navigate not just their investments but also their complete financial plan.

Quality Advice

We get to know our clients before their plan is created. We educate them so they are involved in the decision making process.


We offer more than just investment management. Our clients trust us to navigate the marketplace for them. We provide comprehensive financial planning and management so our clientele has the freedom to focus on maximum performance. We work behind the scenes, we plan every aspect of our clients lives, including life after their performances. The Equis team knows that life happens outside 9-5, and offer unprecedented access to our clientele.